Waterproof flooring makes a world of difference

When you have the opportunity to add waterproof flooring to your home, it's worth it to learn more. These floors offer complete protection from water damage. But they also protect in other ways. But the durability doesn't end with performance. These materials give you a beautiful visual that matches any decor. And you'll want to find out about the many ways the flooring can serve you.

The expected durability

The complete waterproof profile of waterproof vinyl flooring is worth your consideration. It is a perfect choice for kitchens and bathrooms, ideal for every other room. You'll never have to worry about damage with these floors in place. Waterproof flooring goes the extra mile and add impressive scratch, stain, and dent resistance. It's a perfect choice for the busiest households, especially pets and children. And it could serve you well for up to 20 years or more with this durability.

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No sacrificing visual appeal here

With some of the best protection, you'll also get impressive visual appeal. Water-resistant flooring and waterproof floors offer visuals that look like wood, tile, and stone. They even mimic the same colors, formats, textures, and layouts for realistic surfaces. You'll find plenty of trends at work in this flooring line, with all the newest and hottest options. Be sure to ask which trend might cater to your needs the most. You'll love the results for decor matching and more.

Enjoy the ease of installation and more

These floors are some of the easiest to install, as most installations take a day or less with waterproof flooring. Your professional team has the expertise and equipment to care for your floors. And a professional installation gives you the peace of mind you deserve. Once in place, these floors are easy to maintain as well. Sweep, mop, and repeat as necessary for beautiful flooring for years to come. And refer to your manufacturer's recommendations if using commercial cleaners.
Waterproof flooring in Hood River, OR from Swell City Decor

We carry the waterproof flooring you need

At Swell City Decor, we maintain a wide selection of materials in our showroom. And our associates are always here to make sure you find just what you need in waterproof flooring. So, share your needs with us for outstanding solutions to your flooring needs.

We serve residents from Hood River, OR, White Salmon, WA, Odell, OR, Parkdale, OR, Stevenson, WA, and Trout Lake, WA. Be sure to choose your waterproof flooring while you're here. We'll be ready to work alongside you, so stop by today.
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