Have you considered hardwood flooring?

If you haven't considered hardwood flooring for your new floors, you might want to look. These floors offer benefits that are sure to be on your list of requirements. And they're affordable overtime on any budget level.

You may never have to shop for flooring again when you choose hardwood. Wood floors offer between 30 and 100 years of lifespan or more. And it's a great way to quickly raise the value of your home, even if the floors are only installed in one room.

Visual appeal for everyone

Wood floors offer stunning visuals that are without rivals. The timeless elegance, rich colors, and unique patterns have an impressive history. And you can customize a look to fit your needs. Pick your favorite floors with a species, color, and texture of your choice. Then add visual layers with a grade, width, and installation layout, for added features. But don't forget to ask about trending looks that are, and will remain, modern and current.

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Durability isn't only a word

Hardwood flooring offers impressive durability even in busy spaces. But if you have humid or damp areas, be sure to ask about engineered wood flooring. These provide a layered construction with a natural wood top layer. Engineered wood offers a beautiful visual that's as customizable as solid wood. And you can refinish both once wear starts to show. Understanding the features could give you your best flooring yet.

Consider more features of wood floors

It's worth your time to consider all the species options that best fit your needs. Ask about other added benefits, especially if you're an allergy sufferer. There's something for everyone in this product line, and we'll help you find yours.
Hardwood flooring in Hood River, OR from Swell City Decor

Installation facts you can't miss

Hardwood flooring must go through acclimation before installation can start. The process helps equalize humidity for better performance afterward. And we'll tell you everything about it once you choose your material and services.

Choose your hardwood flooring today

Swell City Decor is a great place to find the best wood flooring for your needs. No matter what performance or visual requirements you have, you'll find a match here. Our experienced associates are standing by to ensure your complete satisfaction.

We cater to residents from Hood River, OR, White Salmon, WA, Odell, OR, Parkdale, OR, Stevenson, WA, and Trout Lake, WA. When you're ready to choose your hardwood flooring, we look forward to working with you too. Stop by any time to get started on your remodel of any size.